Anglo-German Walks is a chance to get to know and go hiking with German and English speaking ramblers, or to meet old friends, through a common interest in nature and the open air life.
In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere you’ll be able to converse in German or help a German-speaker with their English. There’s no pressure in case you make a mistake and you don’t have to wait your turn to get in a rushed response, like in a classroom. The group leader will always be there to help if you’re stuck for words.
The first walking week was in 1993 in the Yorkshire Dales. In 28 years since then there have been 158 walking weeks in the Forest of Dean, North and N. Midlands of England, Southern Uplands and Trossachs in Scotland, Donegal, Kerry and Connemara in Ireland, the Welsh Marches, west coast of Wales; the Eifel, southern & northern Black Forest, Pfalz, Harz, Saxon Switzerland, Bavarian Alps, Bavarian Woods, Rhine valley, Swabian Jura and Isle of Rügen in Germany and the Salzkammergut Lakeland & Pongau areas of Austria and the German speaking area of the South Tyrol. I have welcomed 319 guests from 8 different countries, some of whom have joined us on up to 22 holidays. Whether you’ve been before or it’s your first time I look forward to meeting you!
We are planning holidays lasting 7 nights arriving Saturday afternoon and departing Saturday morning. The walking is not too strenuous. Each walk lasts 5-7 hours and we shall be walking about 10-13 miles each day (on 5 out of the 6 days holiday). The walks are centre-based, so you only need to carry a light day sack for waterproofs, snacks and drinks. On some days transport is required to reach the starting point. When we have enough cars and willing drivers, we share petrol costs, otherwise we use public transport or taxis and share the costs.

A big thank you to all those who took part in or who came along to my walking holidays in summer 20. It was a great relief to get 3 walking weeks off the ground.  Looking forward to hearing from you and/or seeing you again next year and getting to know you if you join us for the first time. Bis zum nächsten Mal,   Neil

Schloß Tirol Algund/Meran

Wandern in England, Schottland, Deutschland und Italien.

Ich danke allen recht herzlich für die Anfragen bzw. Teilnahme 2020. In diesem schwierigen Jahr war ich froh 3 Wanderwochen durchführen zu können. Ich hoffe, dass es Spaß gemacht hat und euch Appetit auf eine weitere Teilnahme gegeben hat. Wenn Sie zum ersten Mal teilnehmen möchten, freue ich mich darauf Sie kennenzulernen.